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What we do?
"Do you know what time gives to Wine: Time gives Wine, what gives to people… it gives calm, rest… gives the peace they need"

Since 2012 we produce wine and port wine through Couto Ramos, S.A.; since 2016 we produce eau-de-vie, through our subsidiary Companhia Industrial de Forta.

All production processes within Couto Ramos and it's subsidiary Companhia Industrial de Forta are biological with no use of chemicals and limited human intervention in order to Respect Nature.

Products have a more than usual maturation process, even in bottle before market launch.

And our Believes which become Our Rules are:

- We believe in pure, silky concentration that can only be achieved through low yields and old vines;
- We believe in field blend, and blending as a All, as Miguel is one of the fifth generation of masterblenders from is mother bloodline;
​- We believe in ancient practices during the entire development process of a product;
- We believe in beautiful balance with no component revealing itself separate from the whole;
- We believe in fruit that tastes fresh-picked and perfectly ripe, not jammy;
- We believe in Capturing complex aromatics;
- We believe in the ability to age and improve in the bottle. Nothing compares to the aromatic beauty of aged wine!
- We believe in thrilling complexity and beguiling interest that never leaves you bored;
- We believe in wines with a strong sense of somewhereness (rather than someoneness);
- We believe Time is crucial in order for perfection with Respect for Time and Nature.