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Who we are
We are a group of companies founded in 2012 to carry a very personal project of Miguel Couto Ramos. Miguel has an huge experience in finance and a bloodline which gives him a background of five generations.
From is mother bloodline, Miguel is the fifth generation working with wine.

From is father bloodline, Miguel is also the fifth generation of entrepreneurs with focus on agriculture, forestry, finance and real estate.

After a long career in finance and industry Miguel discontinued all his operations to pursue is passion for Wine.

Miguel aims to reach High Quality - High End Products with a special attention to detail.

From grapes to wine, or even eau-de-vie; from the liquid to packaging or the final product, we have an astonish attention to detail and reflect and think for long times in every aspect of each product. In a straight and surprising attitude, Miguel will launch his products in Respect for Time and Nature which, in many cases, will represent years of cellar work for each product even in botlle.

With generations of background, Miguel believes in Time and Nature. Because from his own experience, he knows Time given to Nature gives us the best output we can aim for.
A heritage entails responsibility, which is why Nogueira’s masterblenders and Couto Ramos’s entrepreneurs “tend their garden”. Miguel works to make their inheritance prosper and also continue to prepare new ground.
A heritage is both the history we tell and the history we make. Family members have been able to retain their characteristic pioneering spirit from the XIX century, to the present day. They have shown great daring and foresight in their projects, products and achievements.